Turning Point

TURNING POINT A work for three dancers, conceived in dialogue with the impressive outdoors site specific production I Gudars Skymning (In Shades of Gods). The one hour long site specific for thirteen dancers and three musicians was created for and performed in Kungälv on the Swedish West Coast in 1989, 1999 and 2009. It was […]


A dance piece where the title in Swedish plays with the words shoe and choreography. Originally set to the inauguration of exhibition “Movement – Peter Opsvik” at the Röhsska Museum for Design, Fashion and Decorative Arts in Göteborg, 2000. The choreography was created to match the movements in designer Peter Opsvik’s furniture, for example his […]


COCOONS This is a live performance and Art installation. At specific hours the installation is inhabited by dancers – bodies suspended in mid-air, moving through space. 2 tons of salt, costumes, lighting design and music constitutes the installation. Choreography: Gun Lund Music: Jonny Axelsson Performed by 6 dancers Duration: 35 min Premiered in 2004 Trailer: http://vimeo.com/72741605


A beautiful and concentrated solo performed on a table. Small performing-area and simple lighting design makes this piece suitable for a wide range of spaces. Examples: Churches, Art halls, Theatres, Private houses… Could be used as an opening program for an exhibition, as part of an evening program etc. Choreography: Gun Lund Music: Jonny Axelsson Performed by […]


TRANSMISSION Touch, perception, surface, texture… the skin, the sensation is the largest of all our senses. Transmission is a dance and technology experiment focusing on the sensory system. Letting the tactile take precedence over the visible and audible, the dancers listen and respond to their own sensory system and to each other. But also to electromagnetic […]


Gageego! and E=mc2 Dance present LINIER Premiere 18 September 2015 Luciano Berio’s composition Linea (1973) for two grand pianos and percussion was originally conceived for dance. The music can be described as strict, wild and curious at the same time. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Gageego! as ensemble for contemporary music, and for this occasion they […]


TITANIUM–KONTAKTE A exciting Solo and a video-installation inspired by orthopedics and the achievements in nanotechnology. A meeting between choreographer/ dancer Gun Lund and the music “Kontakte” by Karlheinz Stockhausen, based on similar attitudes to what you decide for yourself and what is left to random principles of arithmetics. Choreography: Gun Lund Music: Karlheinz Stockhausen Performed by 1 […]


FIELDS IN MOTION Can an ordinary stage room become a new and unexpected setting for a dance performance? Yes, if you like the choreographer Gun Lund are a nomadic stage wanderer. Since the 80s she has been part of the movement that has conquered the public space with big, renowned, dance works. With ”Fields in Motion” she ties together […]

Third Movement

Third Movement ”Through repetition I am striving to reach the very essence – the abstraction of the important.” Dance and Music are deeply connected, like two limbs on the same body. Choreography, the path for the choir in the ancient drama, corresponds with the rythmic course which every dance work is building even if all […]


NEITHER Up, Down and Strange, Top, Bottom and Charm. Poetic names for the smallest particles, the quarks, in constant asymptotic dance inside our bodies. An almost baroque world of light and dark with an endless depth, the dancers floating in the universe. Choreography: Gun Lund Music: M. Feldman Text: S. Beckett Performed by 6 dancers Duration: 70 min Premiered […]