In Pace off Pace

In Pace & off Pace Meet the brothers Gert Marcus and Ingolf Dahl. Music, Dance, Film and Visual art combined. Gert Marcus (1914-2008) and Ingolf Dahl (1912-1970) grew up in Hamburg with a Swedish mother and a German-Jewish father. Ingolf studied music at the University in Zürich and worked at the Zürich Opera until 1939 […]

Digital Footprints

We all leave traces behind us.We want to leave traces behind us.We want to be remembered.Some traces are more precise than others.The foot that steps on the ground, the movement over a towns square or a scenic surface. But what will remain? Are the traces that the dancers form in a space lingering somewhere else […]

Good Vibrations

GOOD VIBRATIONS The wireless system for vibrotactile communication used in Transmission is fully demonstrated in Good Vibrations. In this interactive lecture and dance performance audience members are invited to participate in giving impulses to the dancers via remote controls. The aim is to reach a kind of dialogue and explore new movement material. Good Vibrations can […]


Utgångspunkten för Neither är ett djupt intresse för materiens inre och dess betydelse för oss som människor. Det är inga dystopier utan speglar snarare de möjligheter och val som partikelfysiken ger oss. ”Gud spelar inte tärning”, sa Einstein en gång och menade hur bisarr vår värld är – medan det mesta av universum är deterministiskt […]