A work for three dancers, conceived in dialogue with the impressive outdoors site specific production I Gudars Skymning (In Shades of Gods). The one hour long site specific for thirteen dancers and three musicians was created for and performed in Kungälv on the Swedish West Coast in 1989, 1999 and 2009. It was also performed at Northlands Festival, Wick, Scotland in 1995 and Full Moon Festival in Pyhärjärvi, Finland in 1999. From the original programme notes (1989): “Using nature as a stage for dancing naturally involves that mountains, stones and the light on the horizon take over, and hold the vital part in the performance. The dancers become co-actors in a much greater drama where every performance becomes a new and unique experience. […] A good many of the dancers movements and the shapes they create originate from the rock carvings of Bohuslän. The mountain’s own shapes find it’s parallels, for example in the wondrously beautiful female form in Vitlycke in Tanum, or in the mysterious, men-made cup marks that have been carved on the mountain in so many places around Europe.”

In Vändpunkt (2001) the three dancers perform in front of a film from the original outdoors production, moving in dialogue with the performers on screen. They are tracing memories back to the site specific, which proved an important turning point in the career of Gun Lund. This way the work also lives on in a new form, possible to transport the performance to other, perhaps less wet and windy locations…

Choreography: Gun Lund

Music: Zbigniew Karkowski

Video: Andrew Bowden, Adeptus Film

Performed by 3 dancers

Duration: 15-18 minutes