Gageego! and E=mc2 Dance present


Luciano Berio’s composition Linea (1973) for two grand pianos and percussion was originally conceived for dance. The music can be described as strict, wild and curious at the same time. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Gageego! as ensemble for contemporary music, and for this occasion they create together with choreographer Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance a new stage performance to Linea, and to completely new music. Composer Victor Varela has drawn inspiration from Berio’s work and in dialogue with it written Linear Dances, which will be premiered as part of this programme.

The audience is invited to an arena where two grand pianos, a vibraphone and a marimba are fixed points, while four dancers are mobile elements. The spectator seats surround the stage, offering a closeness in both visual and audial experience. We follow Berio’s piece from a single note to a final chord, where Varela’s music continues and travels toward a dissolution of sorts. Meanwhile the choreography takes its starting point in a circular pattern where rotations clockwise and counter clockwise succeed each other. The lines in the music find their parallel equivalent in the danced expressions.

Music: Linea by Luciano Berio, Linear Dances by Victor Varela, Ricambi by Lars Sandberg

Choreography and staging: Gun Lund

Musicians: Mikael Kjellgren, Mårten Landström (piano) and Jonas Larsson,

Per Sjögren (percussion)

Dancers: Gunilla Jansson, Adèle St-Aubin, Karin Taliga, Åsa Thegerström

Lighting and set design: Lars Persson, Finn Pettersson

Production: Gageego! and E=mc2 Dance

Duration: ca 50 minutes

Premiere 18 September 2015

With support from: Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Göteborg City Culture Committee, Region Västra Götaland, Musikverket

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