Scintillae – Seeds of light thrown into chaos A performance / movement installation for parks and other outside sites. A ritual based on the beautiful and mysterious bioluminescence seen in nature. choreographer: Gun Lund, 5-7 dancers. Duration 60-180 mins. At the brink of nightfall. The audience are wandering around in the darkness. Capable of being […]


FIREFLIES AND SPHINXMOTHS Dancers in spectacular lit up costumes accompanied by erotical madrigals of Monteverdi. A suitable work for festivals, openings, parties and events. Perfect to set in a small park or baroque-garden, at a private estate or public space … Choreography: Gun Lund Music: Monteverdi Performed by 5-8 dancers Duration: 25 min Premiered in 2000 Trailer: Performed […]

On the brink of Ruin

ON THE BRINK OF THE RUIN a movement installation in the ruins of Gamla Älvsborg, Gothenburg Spring version:Saturday 30th May 20157 pm – 7.30 pmFree admission For several years Gun Lund has sought out and drawn attention to forgotten places in the public space. Through moving bodies she will create lines in the landscape, making […]


JUNIPERUS Premiere August 1st 2014 Juniperus (latin for juniper) is a dance performance created specifically for the vast landscape at Axvalla Hed. This encounter between human and nature, between contemporary dance and ancient history, will take place during a few evenings in August. Choreographer Gun Lund wishes to evoke a world where near magical figures […]

Roof of the World

ROOF OF THE WORLD, PAMIR IN OUR HEARTS An epic reflecting the soul of the city – the counterpoint of nature. It nourishes our dreams while at the same time it limits our vision and rules our lives. This site specific was performed on roof tops in the central city of Göteborg and included up […]

In Shades of Gods

IN SHADES OF GODS Site specific production I Gudars Skymning / In Shades of Gods, created for the rough cliffs and open sea near Kungälv on the Swedish West Coast in 1989. Using nature as a stage for dancing involves that mountains, stones and the light on the horizon take over, and hold the vital […]

Sketches of the World

SKETCHES OF THE WORLD – THE SEVEN CONTINENTS E=mc2 Dance and The Gothenburg Combo Premiere 13 November 2015 Revival  18-27 January 2017 What sounds emerge from the continents of the world? What movements can be imagined from them? Guitar duo The Gothenburg Combo give their musical answer in Sketches of the World – The Seven Continents (CD released […]

Repeat – Again!

REPEAT – AGAIN! This work was originally set for an abandoned, nuclear safe underground hangar – an appropriate site for a choreography dealing with mankind’s possibilities to adapt to new conditions of life. Beautiful, energetic, thought provoking. Suitable for large stages and festivals. Can be performed in industrial sites etc, with a built floor. Choreography: Gun […]

Muon Spin

MUON SPIN Dance and Science in a beautiful collaboration and setting. The choreography is inspired by the latest achievements of Quantum Physics and knowledge about the Muons, strange particles continuosly penetrating our bodies. Choreography: Gun Lund Music: Marie Samuelsson Performed by 5 dancers Duration: 22 min Premiered in 2006 Trailer: Performed at Sörgårdsskolan, Mölndal / Science Center Universeum, […]


EMBALLAGE Premiere 18 March 2016 A performance about identity and surface, about roles and independence, about daring to follow your own path while at the same time being part of a group. How do I become “a self”? The person who I am, how do I become this self that I want to be, dare […]