Photos: Anna Lamberg

E=mc2 Dance and The Gothenburg Combo

Premiere 13 November 2015

Revival  18-27 January 2017

What sounds emerge from the continents of the world? What movements can be imagined from them?

Guitar duo The Gothenburg Combo give their musical answer in Sketches of the World – The Seven Continents (CD released by Combo/Naxos 2010). Hard surfaces and cracking ice of Antarctica, suggestive tones of Asia, wild animals and nature of Australia… On expeditions throughout the world they explore references from different culture histories, among them the meeting of many cultures in medieval Al-Andalus.

This musical universe expands further in a staging where sounding, luminous rooms alternate between motion and stillness. Choreographer Gun Lund and three dancers from E=mc2 Dance fill the sounding rooms with movement, like clusters of transfer from one imaginary world to the next. Worlds to sink into, marvel at and reflect upon.

Gun Lund and The Gothenburg Combo, i e David Hansson and Thomas Hansy, met in 2012 and realised that they might be perfect collaboration partners for a trans-disciplinary concept. The project means artistic renewal of the contemporary music scene, together with contemporary dance. The Gothenburg Combo had already collaborated with most other art forms, but was searching for an interesting partner within dance. Gun Lund has a long history of working with composers from different musical spheres, but this is her first collaboration with a guitar duo placed on stage. In Sketches of the World the elements of sound, light, movement and space are given equal scope and value.

“It is a stunning performance. In several meanings a journey, not only because the music and dance move us around the world, but just as much for the mental lift and the inner movements they evoke. […] The human emerges first toward the end. And that world which takes shape is one I wish to live in.” – Göteborgs-Posten. Read the full review (in Swedish)

“The guitar, probably the most nomadic instrument in the world, becomes not only voice but also body in this beautiful staging. And the choreography is exemplary in its restraint, at times one thinks of Birgit Åkesson and Merce Cunningham…” Dagens Nyheter. Read the full review (in Swedish)

Music: The Gothenburg Combo: Hansson/Hansy, E Martin/W Dominguez,
A Piazzolla, trad. Chinese music
Musicians: David Hansson, Thomas Hansy
Choreography and staging: Gun Lund, in close collaboration with the ensemble
Dancers: Gun Lund, Gunilla Jansson, Olof Persson, Åsa Thegerström
Set design: Lars Persson and Gunilla Jansson
Lighting design: Finn Pettersson
Production: E=mc2 Dance
Duration: ca 70 minutes

With support from: Göteborg City Culture Committee, Region Västra Götaland, Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Performances at 3:e Våningen 2015:
13 November, 7 pm
14 November, 7 pm
18 November, 7 pm
20 November, 7 pm
25 November, 7 pm
27 November, 7 pm

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