– a movement installation in the ruins of Gamla Älvsborg, Gothenburg

Spring version:
Saturday 30th May 2015
7 pm – 7.30 pm
Free admission

For several years Gun Lund has sought out and drawn attention to forgotten places in the public space. Through moving bodies she will create lines in the landscape, making the audience view their surroundings in new ways.

Now the audience is invited to discover the ruins of Gamla Älvsborg, a castle dating back to the 14th century. It was once a proud and important fortification overlooking the harbour entrance of the city. Dancers and musicians will let this hidden and forgotten place of Gothenburg come alive for a short while in the most beautiful time of spring – when the green colours of nature are light and fresh, contrasting with the mystic remnants of the old ruin.

Gamla Älvsborg is located on the hill next to Sockerbruket (the old sugar refinery) and Hotel Novotel at the harbour entrance of Gothenburg. Sockerbruket is where E=mc2 Dance has its home venue 3:e Våningen. There will be signs marking the way from Sockerbruket and Banehagsgatan.

NB: To reach the ruin it is necessary to use staircases. The space is not accessible to wheelchairs.

Choreography: Gun Lund in collaboration with Gunilla Jansson
Dancers: Joachim Berntsson, Rebecca Evanne, Gunilla Jansson, Hannah Karlsson,
Torun Odlöw/Helen Ridal Hultén, Adèle St-Aubin, Åsa Thegerström
Musician: Björn Synneby
Soundscape: David Sundqvist
Technicians: Finn Pettersson, Lars Persson
Photo: Hannes Brandulv
Producer: Anna Karlander

Winter version:
Saturday 28th February 2015
6 pm – 6.30 pm
Free admission

The winter version was set in the beautiful and mystical twilight hour on a cold but fine February evening. Lights and candles lit the path up the hill and different parts of the ruin itself.

Dancers 28th February: Joachim Berntsson, Rebecca Evanne, Gunilla Jansson, Hannah Karlsson, Torun Odlöw, Adèle St-Aubin