Photo: Matilda Frykberg



Premiere 18 March 2016

A performance about identity and surface, about roles and independence, about daring to follow your own path while at the same time being part of a group.

How do I become “a self”? The person who I am, how do I become this self that I want to be, dare to be, my true self.
Who am I, really? Do I want to be that person or do I actually want to be someone else?
Do I dare to try myself until it feels right for me?
Can I find myself among all these different “mes”. What is needed?

Emballage plays with the images of our selves, our outer characteristics, the way we try out our different shells, try out our appearances through movement, attitude, clothing, style.
Emballage is a poetic image of real life, an expression of the uncertainty in the world of young people.

The audience is invited to a journey. We hope it will be both humoristic, familiar and exciting och make everybody reflect on the way we create our identity and how we may change it.

We really want to bring thoughts and experiences of young people into the performance.

Emballage is the first performance in a new series for the younger audiences.

Choreography and staging: Gunilla Jansson
Dancers: Luisa Denward, Gunilla Jansson, Hanna Karlsson, Lovisa Baldal / Åsa Thegerström
Music: Jean-Louis Huhta
Lighting design: Finn Pettersson
Video projections: Lars Persson
Costume design: Gunilla Jansson
Production: E=mc2 Dance
Duration: ca 50 minutes

Gunilla Jansson is a dancer and choreographer who has worked extensively with projects for younger audiences. For three years she was the artistic director of FUSE, Småland Music and Theatre’s dance and theatre project for children, teens and young adults.

Jean-Louis Huhta is a composer, musician and DJ, active since the eighties in groups like Cortex, Anti-Cimex, Stonefunkers and Lucky People Center. Huhta is a household name in the Swedish club, punk and experimental music underground scene and has previously composed music for a number of choreographers such as Per Jonsson, Johan Inger, Philippe Blanchard, Christina Caprioli, CullbergBallet and Olof Persson.

With support from: The Cultural Board of Gothenburg, The Arts Council and The Cultural Board of the Region of West Sweden.