Meet the brothers Gert Marcus and Ingolf Dahl. Music, Dance, Film and Visual art combined.

Gert Marcus (1914-2008) and Ingolf Dahl (1912-1970) grew up in Hamburg with a Swedish mother and a German-Jewish father. Ingolf studied music at the University in Zürich and worked at the Zürich Opera until 1939 when he was forced to flee to Los Angeles and took his mothers last name. As a composer he left a rich production of works that never have been performed in Sweden. Gert Marcus moved to Sweden in 1933 where we worked as a sculptor and visual artist for the rest of his long life – one of the country’s most prominent in this field..

The program wants to reflect the artistic work and connections to other fields in the arts – aside from musicals dance, and to give a perspective of the artists avantgardistisk importance in the past and present.

With newly written music by Åke Parmerud and the dancers Gunilla Jansson, Torun Odlöw och Åsa Thegerström from E=mc2 Dance the Choreographer Gun Lund has created a new work for the large scale monochrome panels of Gert Marcus. The same panels were models for the huge installation at Bagaremossen, subway station in Stockholm. 

Gun Lund has also made a choreography for Marcus monumental sculpture Di-eder Sequence on the quay in Göteborg 1994 and to the sculpture exhibition at Sofiero Castle in 2003.

The performance premiered at Ernst Deutsch Theatre in Hamburg and at the Goldener Sal, Schwerin /Festival Der Verfemte Musik. Contemporary Dance and music were important partners of Gert Marcus and Gun Lund was engaged several times for openings and exhibitions. 

 The project was made possible with fundings fromMusikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)