Don’t miss out on this summers big dance happening August 16-18 – IN SHADES OF GODS returns to the rocks of Bohuslän

Thousands of people have experienced, being fascinated and gotten touch of the work Gun Lund created 1989.Since then it has been performed every 10th year at the same place, Vadholmen in Kungälv. This is in many ways a classic.

Once again its time for 13 dancers to tread the cliffs in the sunlight and perform this mighty epos about human and nature and the ocean, the mountain and the wind participates in the drama.

The themes comes from the ancient rock carvings, the black dressed women of Bohuslän, the rites and the cult. But everything takes place right here and right now in front of the eyes of the audience. – what you see and experience is open for every interpretation

The work has been performed 1989,1999, 2009 and 2019. Just lika a solar eclipse or some kind of astrological phenomenon it will take ten years before you can experience it again. In the Shades of Gods belongs to the cultural heritage of the site.

So bring your pick nick basket and take yourself to the beach of Vadholmen 16-18 of august. The performance startts in the evening when the sun is low. Everything is accompanied by mighty drums and music composed by Jonny Axelsson

No entrance fee!

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