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Photo: Lars Persson

Third Movement



”Through repetition I am striving to reach the very essence - the abstraction of the important."


Dance and Music are deeply connected, like two limbs on the same body.

Coreography, the path for the choir in the ancient drama, corresponds with the rythmic course which every dance work is building even if all take place in “silence”.


Third movement is a repetion in itself. It is the third piece in a series which started with a  performance at an abandoned nuclear safe underground aerohangar in 2004. That piece was called "Repetition  -Again" and It was performed a second time at an , also abandoned , high voltage research laboratory in 2007.  As a synthesis the concept is now taken back to the ordinary stage room


“Third Movement” is a piece that is rooted in the past, deals with how we treat the surrounding world. How we would handle new outer or inner conditions physical as well as existential.


“At my side is Ákos Rózmann, close friend and discussion partner of peoples conditions of life.

His music is drilling down in our subconsious, sketches out new maps. gives impulses.” (Gun Lund)







Concept and Choreography: Gun Lund in collaboration with Gunilla Jansson

Dancers: Gunilla Jansson, Torun Odlöw, Olof Persson, Lina Räftegård, Åsa Thegerström

Music: Steve Reich / Reich Remixed / Ákos Rózmann

Lighting design: Finn Pettersson, Lars Persson

Costume: Anna Kraft

Scenography: Lars Persson

Lighting Design: Finn Pettersson

Duration: ca 50 minutes





With support from: The Cultural Board of Gothenburg and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee



Performances at Fylkingen 2018:

27 September

28 September

29 Spetember


Performances at 3:e Våningen 2018/2019:

7 December

8 December

24 January

26 January

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