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Gun Lund and Lars Persson teach about site specific creation in Tallinn, Estonia 1-10 September 2015


Fine 5 Dance Theatre and Tallinn University Department of Choreography arranges a seminar in site specific creation for local contemporary dancers and choreographers. Gun Lund and Lars Persson are invited to teach from their extensive experience of site specific work for cities and other landscapes, as well as transmit knowledge of running a dance company for decades and working in many different scales, stages and places.


Lund and Persson's travel to Tallinn is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.




Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance at Kalvfestival 15-16 August 2015


Kalvfestival is an international meeting place for the development of contemporary music. The festival has been running since 2004, in the small church village of Kalv, near Svenljunga.


E=mc2 Dance performs a new the site specific entitled Capsulae 15 August at 10.15 pm. They will also create a movement installation on the pilgrim path in Kalv 16 August, starting at 10.00 am. Themes of these works are thoughts of the hidden, the dreamed, and the inner self.


Choreography and staging: Gun Lund

Performers: Gunilla Jansson, Gun Lund, Åsa Thegerström

Scenography: Lars Persson


Capsulae is performed again, 20 August 2015 at Carlsten Fortress, Marstrand, during the international summit IntersectionPoint - World Innovation Challenge. The event is only open for summit participants.




Dance performances 1-2 August 2015 on the island Burö, off Göteborg / Öckerö kommun


Gun Lund performed her solo Turning Point as part of the official program during the artist weekend "Konstvågen" 1-2 August in Öckerö kommun.

Turning Point is set on the cliffs, by the waterside. The solo was created in dialogue with the original work In Shades of Gods - a large scale site specific from 1989, performed on the Swedish west coast seaside.


The dance program 1-2 August also comprised Untitled, by and with Olof Persson.


Location: Burö, Öckerö kommun

Dates and times: Saturday 1st August and Sunday 2nd August, at 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm

Duration: ca 30 minutes

Free admission


Full program of the artist weekend Konstvågen, Öckerö kommun: http://www.ockero.se/kulturturismochfritid/kultur/konstvagen.4.3019e2b013b337fdadf4744.html




On the brink of the ruin - May 2015

A site specific movement installation by Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance


Saturday 30th May 2015

7 pm – 7.30 pm

Free admission


For several years Gun Lund has sought out and drawn attention to forgotten places in the public space. Through moving bodies she will create lines in the landscape, making the audience view their surroundings in new ways.


Now the audience is invited to discover the ruins of Gamla Älvsborg, a castle dating back to the 14th century. It was once a proud and important fortification overlooking the harbour entrance of the city. Dancers and musicians will let this hidden and forgotten place of Gothenburg come alive for a short while in the most beautiful time of spring – when the green colours of nature are light and fresh, contrasting with the mystic remnants of the old ruin.


Location: The ruin of Gamla Älvsborg on the hill, next to Sockerbruket (the sugar refinery) and behind Hotel Novotel, in Klippan, Gothenburg.


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Festive evening on International Dance Day 29 April 2015


The International Dance Day is celebrated throughout the world each year on 29 April, placing the art of dance in the spotlight, and aiming at presenting dance to new audiences.


In this year’s program presented at 3:e Våningen, E=mc2 Dance performs the piece Mr Smith in Rhodesia, staged and choreographed by Gun Lund already in 1992. It is built around a text and sound composition by Åke Hodell, from 1970. The work is highly political, criticising the apartheid system in Rhodesia (later renamed Zimbabwe). The theme is sadly relevant still today, in many countries and places in the world.


Mr Smith in Rhodesia

29 April 2015, at 6.30 pm

Text/sound composition: Åke Hodell (1970)

Staging and choreography: Gun Lund

Dancers: Joachim Berntsson, Gunilla Jansson, Gun Lund,

Bronja Novak Lindblad, Olof Persson, Helen Ridal Hultén

Actor: Bo Swedberg


Duration: ca 16 minutes


To view the entire evening program at 3:e Våningen, starting at 5.30 pm, please visit www.3vaningen.se




On the brink of the ruin

A site specific movement installation by Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance


For several years Gun Lund has sought out and drawn attention to forgotten places in the public space. Through moving bodies she will create lines in the landscape, making the audience view their surroundings in new ways. This time the spectators are invited to discover the old ruin of Älvsborg Castle and Fortification, dating back to the 14th century. Welcome to join dancers and musicians in the beautiful twilight hour, and experience a movement installation in this hidden and forgotten room of Gothenburg.


Saturday 28 February 2015, at 6 pm

Duration ca 30 minutes

Free admission


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Gun Lund & E=mc2 Dance evening at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress


On November 22nd 2014 the choreographic world of Gun Lund will be presented in a 2,5 hour long programme at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. Invited by choreographer and curator SU-EN to the programme series K.R.O.P.P., the audience will experience excerpts of several important works by Gun Lund. She will perform a solo herself, while the other excerpts will be danced by Luisa Denward, Gunilla Jansson, Olof Persson and Åsa Thegerström from E=mc2 Dance. In addition there will be film clips and an artist talk with Gun Lund and SU-EN.


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress November 22nd 2014 at 3 pm





Wireless technology, ideas and experiments of interaction and communication between dancers and audiences join forces in this stage production from 2012. Back again at 3:e Våningen 7th October, before performing at Aura International Dance Festival in Kaunas, Lithuania 11th October 2014.

Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf

27-30 August 2014 E=mc2 Dance along with Olof Persson Projects and their home venue 3:e Våningen are participating at the Internationale Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Welcome to visit us in booth R25!




In August 2014 the new large-scale outdoors production Juniperus was performed at Axvalla Heath, near Skara in Sweden. Eight performances with 15 dancers and live music, taking place among the juniperus in the beautiful landscape of the heath. In close collaboration with the weather powers, audiences geared with raincoats and pic-nic baskets, and curious cows in the vacinity...

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