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Photo: David Sundqvist







Can an ordinary stage room become a new and unexpected setting for a dance performance? Yes, If you like the coreographer Gun Lund been a nomadic wanderer. Since the 80s she has been part of the movement that has conquered the public space with big, renowned, dance works.



With ”Fields in Motion” she ties together experiences from the work in the public space and nature. This work has a deep connection with the artist Robert Smithson´s concept of site and non-site. Site is a place outside the gallery and the later an embodiment and a documentation inside the gallery



Here the terms site and non-site change place. The different spatiality creates a new and exciting experience. The coreographer is used to draw long lines in the open landscape, here she creates a concentration and a densifiying effect instead. With 7 dancers on stage, there are big possibilities in creating shapes, lines and structures. The picture is abstract, but still it represents an actual site. The result is surprising. ”Fields in Motion” is a work in an urban context.






Choreography and staging: Gun Lund

Dancers: Joachim Berndtsson, Luisa Denward, Rebecca Evanne, Gunilla Jansson,

Hanna Karlsson, Olof Persson, Åsa Thegerström

Music: Palle Dahlstedt

Lighting design: Finn Pettersson, Lars Persson

Video projections: Åke Parmerud

Technical design: Kristofer Hagbard, Dan Henriksson

Production: E=mc2 Dance

Duration: ca 50 minutes





With support from: The Cultural Board of Gothenburg, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The Cultural Board of the Region of West Sweden.



Performances at 3:e Våningen 2017/2018:

30 November 7 pm

1 December 7 pm

8 December 7 pm

9 December 4 pm

26 January 7 pm

27 January 4 pm

28 January 4 pm

3 February 7pm

18 March, 7 pm

19 March, 7 pm

20 March, 4 pm

23 March, 7 pm


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