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Digital footprints



We all leave traces behind us- we want to leave traces behind us, we want to be remembered. Some traces are more precise than others. The foot that steps on the ground, the movement over a towns square or a scenic surface. But what will remain? Are the traces that the dancers form in a space lingering somewhere else than in our fading

memory? The human archive.


In Digital footprints its the virtual traces thats in focus – an interplay between body and electronics. Toghether with the composer and video artist Åke Parmerud, Gun Lund has with her ensemble developed an interactive system for scenic use. The dancers control what happens trough their motions, direction and speed. The connection between body and technics a subtile but not random.

Its a consciosly created pattern and unique digital footprints on the stage


The work also awakes questions about the traces we leave behind us. Everything you do on the web is logged, the big tech giants follows and uses our digital traces. The art wants to complicate and question this in a more implicit way. But at the same time, Its fully enough to just enjoy the beauty in the picture, let yourself be swept away by the digital motion the body forms on its way through space

Concept and Choreography: Gun Lund

Dancers: Rebecca Evanne, Hannah Karlsson, Olof Persson

Music, Visuals and interactive technology – Åke Parmerud

Stage tech: Finn Pettersson

Duration: ca 50 minutes



You can read more about the technics used in Digital Footprints here


With support from: The Cultural Board of Gothenburg, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The Cultural Board of the Region of West Sweden.


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